Throughout areas of the Mackenzie Basin and Central Otago a large percentage of rabbit populations are showing immunities to the RCD virus. With this, numbers are on the rise again and in some areas back to plague proportions. There are several options for rabbit control all depending on your situation and level of rabbits. HCC have the experience to offer the right advice and implement the appropriate control plan for your needs.

Options include:

  • Poisoning – used in high infested areas for maximum results. There are different toxins and methods available to suit all terrains ranging from bait stations, hand broadcasting, towed spreaders, aeroplane, helicopter using pellet and carrot laced baits. (Please phone for more information).
  • Fumigation ( Magtoxin ) – used for low to medium infestations and for follow up after poisoning operations.
  • Shooting – multiple options available for low to medium control. Ground, motorbike and aerial.

HCC is committed to providing a professional service using the latest techniques to effectively control your rabbit problems.