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Our Story

High Country Contracting is an established pest management company with over a decade of industry experience. With offices in South Canterbury and Otago, we have the capabilities and expertise to service the entire South Island on all sizes of control operations.

Drawn together through a passion and a love of the outdoors, our aim is to protect New Zealand’s primary industries from a range of introduced pests and diseases while also working to regenerate our native flora and fauna.

With an experienced management structure and ever growing team of skilled employees, supplemented with well qualified and dedicated subcontractors, we are confident of managing any sized project.

In an industry often known for ‘slap-dash’ operators, we will plan, execute and manage every aspect from start to finish whilst keeping you informed every step of the way. This includes extensive follow up communication to ensure we have met your requirements.


We aim to provide a professional, innovative and fresh approach to the delivery of pest plant control (including large scale wilding conifers), possum and predator control, and feral pig & deer surveys across a range of landscapes in the South Island.


Health and Safety practices and the protection of native flora and fauna are our priority in all operations we undertake.

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Our Team



Khan Adam
Managing Director

Khan has 14 years’ experience in the pest control industry.  From working his way up as a field operator, Khan now owns HCC, and is acknowledged as a leader in the industry.  During this progression, he has learnt the workings of staff and team management, creating effective and efficient teams while maintaining a great culture. With Khan’s outdoors passion and background of hands-on service, he is proud to be leading HCC in a variety of new endeavors, while pioneering a successful business.



Gerrit Roux
General Manager

Gerrit is a young professional with a degree in conservation and environmental management. He is a natural leader with excellent communication skills who is driven to ensure top quality results are achieved. Gerrit has five years’ experience in the industry and aspires to grow further within the pest management sector. Career highlights include: Operations Manager with HCC – 2016 to present; Biosecurity Officer with Environment Canterbury – 2013 to 2016 and research assistant Lincoln University Ecology Department – 2012.


Tim Butcher

Operations Manager - Otago

Tim began his working life as an automotive engineer, but has now been working in the pest control industry for nearly a decade. He started off as a field operator working on various successful projects involving large and small scale animal and plant pest control, moving through to managers positions. Tim's career history includes: Automotive engineer and vehicle inspector - 2004 to 2010, Engineer/Ranger on the Kermadec Islands - 2010-2012, Biodiversity ranger/senior ranger for Dept. Conservation - 2012 to 2020 and now Operations manager for HCC.


Blake Clinch
Operations Manager - Canterbury

Blake strives to complete his work to a high standard. He has experience controlling both plant and animal pests across a variety of landscapes across New Zealand. He has a passion for being out and about in New Zealand’s diverse country exploring the mountains and the sea. His experience includes; High Country Contracting (2016-Present); Professional Hunter (2013-2015); Shepherding (2011-2013)


Nadine Shearer

Office Manager - Pleasant Point

Nadine started 4 years ago, with HCC as the Office Manager, after successfully completing a NZ Diploma in Business. Being financially astute, having a strong farming background and conversant with accounting systems and principles, she will ensure that what has to be done is done effectively and efficiently within the constraints of budget and time. She gets a kick out of going above and beyond the call of duty.  With an open mind and the ability to see the big picture no matter how complicated or confusing things get, Nadine is a valued team member.  Nadine’s career history includes: Office Manager at HCC – 2015 to present; Load-out Surveyor for Lucas Marine Services Ltd. – 2011-2015 and AB Tech Assistant for Livestock Improvement Corporation (LIC) – 2013-2014. 


Morgan Fitzgerald

Information Technology and GIS Support

Morgan is a pest control and data specialist, with 9 years of experience leading biosecurity teams in the field and analysing field data from handheld devices.  He has developed efficient systems for managing and analysing large amounts of data. He enjoys being part of a team and working together with other staff to achieve goals and complete jobs.  Results driven, organized and reliable, Morgan completes his work in a timely manner.  Excellent all-round communication skills.  Morgan’s career history includes: Data Analyst with HCC – 2015 to present and Team Leader and Data Analyst with Excell – 2008 to 2016.


Shane Alderson

Health and Safety, Quality and Environmental Coordinator

Shane started his career in finance and commerce, however, he has shifted to the pest control industry following completion of his diploma in Health and Safety. Shane has 4 years’ relevant experience and fills a crucial role of coordinating health and safety within the company. Shane enjoys problem-solving and the challenges of having health and safety working hand-in-hand with business growth and development.

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