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Our Story

Tree control is one of our passions and we have proudly delivered outstanding results to a wide range of clients.

Over the past decade, we have carried out control over approximately 620,000 hectares in the Mackenzie Basin, Rakaia River and North Canterbury areas.

Our field operators control trees using a mixture of methodology types, dependent on the size of the trees, infestation density and type of terrain. We carry out both ground-based as well as aerial control.

Control Methods

Ground control: mechanical - Field operators utilise chainsaws, scrub bars, hand tools such as loppers and handsaws, as well as wrenching or pulling. The tools are selected dependent on the size and density of the trees. Where trees are cut down, a chemical is applied to the stump to prevent any potential regrowth.

Ground-based spraying - Both foliage spraying as well as basal applied chemical are effective means of controlling wilding trees. Gun and hose or knapsacks are used for foliage spraying young dense infestations of trees. Knapsacks are used for applying X-Tree to the stem of wilding trees where trees are chemically ringbarked.

Drill and fill - This method is commonly used in sensitive ecological areas. A number of holes are drilled around the circumference of the stem of a tree which is filled with a chemical, dependent on the species. Any potential collateral damage is avoided through this method.

Aerial control - This includes aerial foliage (boom) spraying of dense infestations and spot spraying of isolated trees in steep mountainous terrain, commonly known as aerial wanding or ABBA. We have highly skilled and experienced internal staff and helicopter subcontractors for undertaking such specialized work.

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