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The main agricultural pest High Country Contracting deals with are wallabies. In high numbers, wallabies cause large amounts of damage to crops and newly planted trees in forestry areas.

Through our initial consultation, we will discuss methods with you to ensure optimal, long term results.

Control Methods

The methods we employ for wallaby control will depend on the size and goal of the control operation. We are constantly updating our technology and processes to ensure cost effective and quality results.

Poisoning – Wallabies are very inquisitive animals making them highly susceptible to poison. We have several options available, from ground-laid poisons to aerially sown.

Aerial shooting – Our team of aerial shooters and pilots can offer an effective alternative to poisons. While this type of operation can be carried out at any time of the year, following a large snow fall is ideal as animal movement and cover is very restricted.

Night shooting - As nocturnal animals, wallabies can be effectively shot under spotlight where we can cover large areas of land.

Thermal Imaging - Using a range of thermal imaging devices, equipment and vehicles we can deliver effective wallaby control methods for any size operation.

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