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High Country Contracting has a wealth of experience dealing with a wide range of pests and predators. From design and installation, to servicing and monitoring of possum and predator control operations, we have been involved in many large and small scale predator-free initiatives throughout the South Island.

Our primary focus is on conducting operations that ensure results & the protection of native flora & fauna.

All our staff have extensive field experience using various traps, vertebrate toxic agents, and methods for controlling mustelids, possums and rodents.

Control Methods

Possum and predator control operations are one of the most common operations that we undertake on a day to day basis. We have the means to run these operations over extensive areas of land, using a range of effective methods. We are constantly updating our methods based on new advances in technology.

Some of our well proven methods include:

Hand laid poisons – We select the type of poison and application method based on the pest species to be controlled and the requirements of the client, landowner and adjacent land uses. Our primary focus on safety and preserving the land means toxins are only laid in areas where pets and domestic animals cannot access

Bait stations – These are effective in areas where large possum numbers persist and are best suited to long term maintenance projects.  Our team members are experienced in deploying these stations with all necessary controlled substance licenses.

Traps – This is an effective method for possum and predator control. We ensure that traps are checked daily where leg-hold or live capture traps are used and place them so to decrease the likelihood of capturing non-target species.  A variety of kill traps are used for establishing a permanent trap infrastructure for general predator control, dependent on the species that are targeted.

Dog and gun – Involves our team of operators working in an area with trained and skilled dogs to hunt the species you wish to eradicate. Our approach to ground hunting ensures that animal welfare is a paramount concern.

Night shooting - Spotlight shooting along with the utilisation of specialised thermal imaging devices is a very effective means of controlling possums and other predators. We have highly experienced staff that can deliver the expected result through night shooting, using both spotlight and thermal imaging technology.

No possum or predator operation is too small or large for our team to handle, so please get in touch with any of your pest control concerns.

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