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We have experience in a variety of pest plant control operations, using only modern and effective methods to achieve your desired result.

Weed Spraying and Vegetation Control

One of our primary services is weed spraying and vegetation control. HCC has two vehicle-based spray units which are in full-time use over the summer months.

We have the means to undertake major weed spraying operations and offer track spraying in forestry areas, boundary clearance, weed spraying along river margins as well as weed control in significant natural areas.

Control Methods

Spot spraying – We utilise either a gun and hose vehicle/LUV setup or knapsacks, dependent on the size of the infestation and sensitivity of the area, for undertaking spot spraying operations. Selective herbicides are used where required to achieve the desired outcome.

Aerial control – Aerial spraying is used for thick weed infestations, large scale areas, hard to reach locations, preparation of new tree plantations and spot spraying of isolated weeds. A mixture of broad-spectrum and selective herbicides are used dependent on the type of operation and outcome sought.

Ring barking – This method is utilised where herbicides can’t be used due to farming practices or in an ecologically sensitive area where foliar spraying is not an option as native flora need to be preserved. Mechanical or chemical ringbarking is utilised, dependent on the nature of the operation.

Brush cutting – This involves clearing land of a variety of species, including native or exotic trees, gorse and broom and scrub. Scrub bars are the most utilised tool for this type of work.

We are committed to providing a professional service using the latest techniques to effectively control pest plants.

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