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Our Story

We have specialist staff that excel in the planning & execution of all sizes of ungulate control operations.

Whatever your objectives may be, we can deliver exceptional results on large scale ground control and aerial shooting operations, targeting pigs, deer, tahr and goats.

Control Methods

Dog and gun - Is the main method used for controlling these animals. This involves our team of operators working in an area with trained and skilled dogs to hunt any species you wish to be eradicated.

Aerial shooting - In large areas which have higher ungulate numbers, aerial methods can be used. Our team of experienced aerial surveyors & shooters, combined with the latest advancements in thermal imaging means we can target deer, goats and feral pigs across vast areas and over diverse terrain. Our approach to ground hunting is both professional and humane and adheres to all animal welfare obligations.

Night shooting - This is a very effective means of control and ungulates are more active at night. Trained, qualified and experienced staff use a combination of shooting under spotlight and utilisation of state-of-the-art thermal imaging devices. The use of thermal devices greatly increases effectiveness of ungulate control.

Trapping - We have designed wild pig traps that are highly mobile and can be transported with ease. Traps can be setup in minutes and live-feed cameras will notify us of any captures or activity around the trap.

Animal surveillance - The company utilises up-to-date trail cameras for undertaking surveillance work. Cameras are setup on worn animals trails or feeding areas in order to monitor numbers or persistence of animals in eradication areas. These cameras provide live-feed photos or video to the company.

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